The Unnatural World of Killer House Cats

Cats are the worst “invasive species” we have, FAR more damaging than any reptile or a python species barely holding on it the southern tip of Florida, yet totally unregulated. I hope folks remember this when they see laws being shoved down the throats of responsible reptile keepers.

strange behaviors

Adorable but deadly (Photo: Richard Conniff) Adorable but deadly (Photo: Richard Conniff)

My latest for Takepart:

Earlier this week, I published an article in the New York Times remembering a cat I once owned and loved named Lucky. She was my last outdoor cat, partly because her own death was a bloody reminder of just how dangerous the outdoor life can be for the cats themselves: She died one night, torn to pieces by a bobcat, after 10 years of wandering freely around the neighborhood.

But she was also my last outdoor cat because I realized, after the fact, how deadly outdoor cats can be for wildlife: By letting Lucky wander freely, I had made it possible for her to kill hundreds of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians over the years. While writing about wildlife and maintaining my own yard with wildlife in mind, I had unintentionally been stripping wildlife from the entire neighborhood.


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