Take 10 Doses of Hope for Earth Day

Another good read from a member of my extended family – 🙂

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Feeling much better today, thank you. Feeling much better today, thank you. (Photo: Mike Blake/Reuters)

In the thick of the struggle to achieve any progress on environmental issues, it’s easy to despair. The political world can seem to be dominated by preening nimrods who value wildlife only as targets. Plutocrats with bottomless bank accounts call the shots. And nothing seems to change.

In retrospect, though, amazing changes have happened, and it’s worth bringing some of these past success stories to mind, as a source of strength in the day-to-day struggle:

1.Peregrine falcons now routinely do their 200-mile-an-hour headfirst dive off skyscrapers from Fifth Avenue in New York, to Third Avenue in Seattle. But just 40 years ago they were almost extinct. They came back—as did ospreys, cormorants, and a host of other bird species—because Rachel Carson’s 1962 book Silent Spring led to a ban on DDT. This broadly destructive pesticide had been causing a fatal…

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